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War of the Chosen - Season 7 Databank

About this Website

I wanted to create this website, both to give me some experience doing more programming with PHP and databases, but also because I thought it would be fun to have a handy place to look up stats from Christopher Odd's XCOM 2: War of the Chosen YouTube series at a glance.

Stat Definitions

For season 7, in an attempt to synergize my numbers with Wolfeson's stat gathering, we have agreed to count stats similarly for this season. Below, we explain how different actions are tracked.


Actions that fall into one of the following three categories are counted as a "shot":

  1. Any shot with a standard gun meant to cause damage to the enemy
    • This includes all gun shots towards enemies, shots to explode claymores, shots towards cars or explosives meant to damage enemies, and skills like Charge.
    • Actions that fall outside this definition include actions such as Demolition.
  2. Any non-psionic, chance-based shot with another weapon meant to cause damage to the enemy
    • This includes non-guaranteed flamethrower shots, justice and wrath (as the chance-based component of the attack is ranged), and whiplash.
    • Actions that fall outside this definition include grenades, rockets, guaranteed flamethrower attacks, and all psionic attacks.
  3. Any ranged action taken to complete a mission objective that causes damage
    • This includes shots taken against mission objectives such as psionic transmitter nodes, destroy device objectives, and the chosen sarcophagus.


Any shot as defined above that is a reaction action will be considered an overwatch shot.

"Other" Attacks

Attacks classified as "other" are attacks that aren't considered shots but are still generally counted for EAS. This includes:


We attempt to credit all damage caused by units, either directly or indirectly. This includes:


Generally, any kill caused by damage credited towards a soldier as outlined above is also credited towards that player. The only additional note is that while Holy Warrior damage is not credited towards a soldier, the additional kill is credited.

Summoned units such as Psi Zombies that are killed when their controller is killed or disoriented are not counted.

MVP Calculations

I am also doing my own MVP calculations. While the mod in the game that awards MVP is cool, it can make some really wonky decisions. So I'm doing my own points based MVP calculations, with the following points system:

Season MVP

On the Statistics page I have a section for season MVP. That is calculated the same way, except for the following:

About the Series

Obviously, this series is played by and posted by Christopher Odd, but I wanted to post some possibly useful links about and surrounding it anyway:

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