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About this Website

I wanted to create this website, both to give me some experience doing more programming with PHP and Databases, but also because I thought it would be fun to have a handy place to look up stats from Christopher Odd's most recent XCOM 2: War of the Chosen YouTube series at a glance.

I gathered stats by re-watching each episode and recording each shot taken by soldiers, including whether they made it, what damage it did, etc. I also tried to double-check my numbers against the end-of-mission stats report he has added as a mod just to make sure I didn't miss something.

For "shots," I've recorded every chance-based attack done, excepting hacks and mind control, on an enemy unit (including mind-controlled xcom units). This includes all gun shots (including actions like demolition which does not cause damage), chance-based melee attacks such as Ranger sword attacks, justice, and wraith, and other chance-based skills such as whiplash, etc. Shots do not include any action that is guaranteed to hit, either because it is part of the skill (eg. Hail of Bullets, Rend) or because of the weapon (e.g. Assassin's katana).

A player gets credit for any damage they directly or indirectly cause. This includes fall damage that is a direct result of an attack, acid/poison/fire damage caused by an attack by that character, claymore explosive damage, intentional or accidental explosive damage (such as missing but causing a car to explode), etc. Damage against objective objects, such as enemy relays are not counted.

Kills are pretty straight forward. In the case of a kill caused by a status effect, the status effect that causes the kill is credited to the soldier who caused that status effect.

About the Series

Obviously, this series is played by and posted by Christopher Odd, but I wanted to post some possibly useful links about and surrounding it anyway:

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